Showtime in the wild


Singing to myself

Made a little hike and sightseeing tour on my own this afternoon. And since we’ve started thinking about where and how we want to spend the next winter, creativity flows!


Dancing on the road side

It’s fun when I just can’t stop myself from dancewalking in the sun, and singing…


It's a one woman show out in the wild

Found out that there is a reason why Anders sometimes teases me for not getting the words right in songs I sing. Today I made up all the lyrics to a song. It’s a good thing the cows and birds don’t understand Swedish!

Promise to tell you more about our plans when we have made up our minds.


3 thoughts on “Showtime in the wild

  1. Hahaha – you and me both, my friend, we are just totally off the bend… and I love you for it! There’s not a lot of things better than going wild and crazy during a dance walk. Have to say though, you capture the wildness better than I’ve been able to do, in photos.
    Love it!

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