The boat is here!

Earlier today The Boat arrived to the harbor of Lajes das Flores. That means deliveries are happening on the island. It’s been two weeks since the last shipment and the stores have sold out things that will now be back on the shelves.

Deliveries coming in today

Deliveries coming in today

For example did the entire island run out of cement. Not a single bag of the grey powder was to be found, and now it’ll be back in stock! We saw cars arriving on The Boat, so some people will have new vehicles to drive in.

The harbor in Lajes das Flores

The harbor in Lajes das Flores

And we will again be able to find fresh cabbage, different sorts of fruits, broccoli, fresh pepper, red onions, cucumber, carrots and other things. The last time The Boat arrived, we learned at what time during the day deliveries are made to which store, so there is no need to go to the “Green Store” before about six o clock at night, because the smaller stores here in Lajes will get deliveries first, then comes the green store in Fazenda das Lajes.

The <3 Boat

The ❤ Boat

Starting to feel a bit more like locals now!

// Anders and Wivan, going to the store a little bit later


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