Did we say storm?


This morning's walk in heavy rain and mist

This morning it wasn’t raining at all when I got out with Lucky. So I left the rain pants at home when we drove off in the car to get out of the village.


Selfie on the walk...

Driving up the hills it was all white and misty. And raining. Quite heavy rain by the time we got out of the car. And I was laughing at my foolish choice of leaving the water proof pants at home when I was totally soaked after about three minutes out in the rain. The water trailed along the legs down into my socks and shoes.

We didn’t walk for long and when getting back into the car a guy stopped and asked if everything was ok. ‘Everything is great’ was my respons, giggling when entering the driver’s seat soaking wet.


A cup of tea in front of the kitchen door

Back in the house I found that even my t-shirt and underwear were soaked, and I learned my lesson (until next time).


Today we kept the shutters closed on all windows

It’s been raining in underneath the entrance door today, and the windows in the kitchen door are the only ones that haven’t got shutters. So I was sitting on the counter top, drinking tea and listening to a podcast while Anders took a bath.

The forecast looks like it’s going to continue being quite windy and somewhat rainy the coming days. Though, since things tend to shift fast here, we can probably also get some sun between the showers tomorrow.

// Wivan, now warm and cozy while the wind keeps on and the rain hits the shutters

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