Four weeks without Facebook

It’s actually been more than four weeks since I signed out and de-activated my Facebook-account as a test to see how it works out. Last week a friend of mine said she misses me on FB, and she wonders how it’s working for me.

Up till then I hadn’t really thought about it that much and it’s felt very natural to me not to watch what’s happening on Facebook daily.

A picture from @lantis Facebook page that I downloaded before signing out

A picture from @lantis Facebook page that I downloaded before signing out

Today, after having a Skype meeting with a couple of good friends, I came to think about this again and was surprised of still not missing being on FB like I used to. It feels kind of weird, since I have been on Facebook for over seven years, many times “visiting” FB-friends daily or even several times per day. Having conversations, getting input on things, seeing pictures and posting thoughts, photos or links.

Picture from

Picture from

For the moment I don’t miss it and haven’t thought much about it. Wonder if it’s easier to do this when not being around friends, or if it is that my habits and way of living have changed? I am on Instagram almost daily and like it a lot, but I did that before getting off FB too. You find me as wivankristina on Instagram.

So, the test of not being on FB will continue for a while longer. Or forever. We’ll see!

// Wivan


3 thoughts on “Four weeks without Facebook

  1. I miss you a lot on Facebook ❤

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