Update: First week in the Azores

So, what have we been doing the past week since we arrived to this beautiful island of Flores, except learning about how the grocery shopping works here?


After 30 minutes nonstop uphill

Well, we have done a lot of small things, and yet not so much. It depends on how you look at it. After being travelers, moving from place to place for almost six months, we’ve learned that to us it feels nice to take it rather slow and let ourselves settle in the first few days in a new place. We prefer to stay around the house, do small things and rest a lot before making big trips and going on heavy hikes.


Laundry drying in the wind

Especially here, where we will stay for a couple of months, there’s no rush in doing things like exploring the island and so on. So we have slept in, been sitting in the sun (sometimes for hours, other times a few minutes), taken Lucky the dog for walks, done laundry, waved to the neighbors ;-), watched the Atlantic, cleaned the windows, climbed some hills, watched movies, talked about the meaning of life, done push-ups and yoga, cooked food and done some e-mailing.


Recycling bins outside our house

It’s been interesting to see how the old thoughts and patterns of “we should drive off to some new place”, or “isn’t it something we need from the store” have come up from time to time – some type of restlessness and demands on being “a good person who’s interested in things”. Since we want to take the period we’re here to let ourselves sink even deeper down into ourselves, our innermost wants and relax from all the should-have-could-have-would-haves, we help each other to see those patterns and also allow ourselves to break those habits.


Amazingly beautiful flowers found on a walk

It’s not like we have tons of things we have to do, but it seems like the human brain loves to play games of making up whatever to make us do rather than to be, we like to follow the flow and listen to what we really want to do from moment to moment, from day to day. This is a time-out for us, and we allow us to be one as well.


Chillaxing in the sun


Fresh flowers almost every day!


There are many hills in Lajes...


We came at the wrong time to watch the Sunday run...


Easter lunch improvisation


Wivan trying to match Anders' green sweater


3 thoughts on “Update: First week in the Azores

  1. Ser helt underbart ut! 🙂

    • Tack, ja vi har det bra Kristina! Lyxliv 🙂 Och grannen kom förbi häromdagen och sa att hon var lite avundssjuk på vårt liv just nu, där vi satt i solen utanför huset.

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