From France to the Azores

Early tomorrow morning we’re off to the island Flores in the Azores, the westernmost post of Europe! We have a house- and dog sit booked for two months, and look very much forward to meeting the spring at the island.

Picture of Flores, from

Picture of Flores, from

First time we looked at going to the Azores was around 2007, but then decided on going to Madeira instead. So now we’re really excited to be able to go!

Waterfall in Flores. Picture:

Waterfall in Flores. Picture:

So, what have we learned/seen/remembered after several months in southern France? Lots and lots of things of course! Some of them we’ve written about here on the blog, some are still only for us, and some we’d like to share with you now:

* It’s lovely to be in a country where dogs are allowed to go in to shops, cafés and restaurants.
* We love meeting with new people and to rely on that things are solved to the best.
* A lot of both the Swedish and English languages origin from French.
* It’s great to be able to be outside, to breathe fresh air and to see a lot of day light in the winter.

Picture from

Picture from

Since last Tuesday Wivan’s mom and extra dad have been visiting with us here in France. It’s been some really fun and lovely days together with parts of the family again. Now they’re on the road back to Sweden, in our car and we’ll fly off early tomorrow. So, this afternoon we have tried a few different ways of walking from our hotel to the airport, to be sure we find the way and have an idea of how long it takes! And after almost a full day in a room, it’s always nice to go outside for a while.


Yesterday we turned the keys over to our parents

Tonight we’ll have a burger at another hotel in the area and then try to get some rest before our 6.15-flight tomorrow morning.


Sightseeing in Vielha, Spain, last weekend


Layndry in Les Pesques last week


It's easy to see who's mom this is...

2 thoughts on “From France to the Azores

  1. That looks so beautiful, so natural. I hope you’ll enjoy the Azores to the utmost 🙂

    • Thanks, we will do our best, exploring and learning more about this beautiful little island. Two months to go, so it’ll be nice to experience spring here!

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