Shopping for new stuff

In the past five months we’ve pretty much used the same clothes most of the time. What’s in our backpacks is what we bring along. In the car we have some boxes with car-related things and some basic groceries, but everything is stored in such a way that when we get on the next airplane we have everything personal in one large and one smaller backpack each.

Our backpacks :-)

Our backpacks 🙂

Actually we haven’t even used all the things we brought yet; our flip flop sandals are only worn once, and one of Wivan’s two skirts is now put away after only been worn once.

In just a few days we leave France to go to our next house sit in the Azores, a group of islands out of Portugal. When going through the things we won’t use, we have also found out what we’d like to add to our packing. Though we will be going to Sweden again in June and then have the ability to find some of our stored clothes and things, it seems like we’re thinking very differently now from what we used to – so we’d like to get some travel-friendly things for warmer weather. The plan is to spend next fall and winter in a warmer place.

Good things can be used in various settings...

Good things can be used in various settings…

Spring time seems to be good to find deals on last year’s collection of summer wear before all the new things get in stock. Wivan has ordered some new swim wear, a dress and a skirt online and both of us are getting a couple of new pairs of wool socks, wool is our latest favorite material for clothes! To put the online order together has taken weeks, really. Everything that goes in the packing is considered several times and we really don’t want to bring along useless stuff or clothes we don’t like.

Green Icebreaker sweater and gray Ivanhoe of Sweden

Green Icebreaker sweater and gray Ivanhoe of Sweden

And on the other hand – we really have used the wool sweaters we got last fall. Wivan’s gray one from Ivanhoe of Sweden just recently had it’s first wash ever. Earlier we just let it hang in the fresh air every now and then to freshen up. Wool is an amazing material! Anders’ green wool sweater from Icebreaker almost is a trademark of its own by now – he loves it and has worn it both in restaurants, for walks and snow boarding. So those were really good investments. You find the post about gearing up from October here.

Picture from Malmö last November

Picture from Malmö last November

What’s your favourite piece of clothing to bring on trips?

// Anders & Wivan


5 thoughts on “Shopping for new stuff

  1. You two live a very inspiring life! I will be following your blog posts to hear more about your travels 🙂

    The best of luck!

    -Angela Joy

  2. I love me those Ivanhoe of Sweden sweaters – I basically live in mine 6 months of the year, and it’s with a bit of a regret I see spring approaching because that means it’s soon to warm to wear…

    When I pack for trips I go “maximum mix’n match” so I can trim down on the number of things, but I have a hard time saying what my favorite piece of clothing would be…

    • Thanks Helena! I can also feel the spring warmth is soon to make me take the wool sweater off… Wonder what to wear then 😉
      Mix and match really is key.

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