Our bucket lists

Have you thought about what’s on your Bucket List? Things/people/places you absolutely want to experience before ‘kicking the bucket’?

In the post about Bucket Lists and the 24-year young man who’s contributing to the world by giving his view of life with only a few more months to live, we promised to share bits of our own lists.

San Sebastian last weekend

San Sebastian a few weekends ago

Here we go!

Wivan’s list got a little clearer a couple of weeks ago, when we were in San Sebastian. One thing she really wants is to learn how to surf. And now she’s booked a two week course in Portugal in September!
Other things on her list are:
* To meet with the Swedish former professional down-hill skier Anja Pärson.
* Go for a 2-4 weeks long riding tour in Iceland.
* Work on a farm in New Zealand.
* To attend when the niece and nephew in the US graduate from High School. (2016 is the first one).
… and many, many more things.

Surf spot: Biarritz in France

Surf spot: Biarritz in France

On Anders’ list…

* To learn how to scuba dive (in warm waters).
* Sky diving.
* Live in a warm climate over a longer period of time, with the sea close by.

To him, the different elements wind, earth, fire and water is something he’d like to experience more fully. So, the scuba diving and sky diving are two ways of achieving that.

Of course there are a lot of more things on our Bucket Lists, but these are a few of our top choices. And surely, we’re committed to make many of these things happen before too long. Who knows what will happen tomorrow?!

Anders in Biarritz

Anders in Biarritz

// Anders & Wivan

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