The actual value of certain things

On a long walk this afternoon, we came to talk about our plans for the “future”, that is, of the coming year and a half. And the truth is; we don’t know what we’re going to do, where we’ll be or basically anything, after this upcoming October.

So, when talking about this, our storage, where we keep things we haven’t yet sold or given away, came up in the conversation. We pay about €100 per month for that storage right now, and of course – if we would reduce the amount of things, furniture and boxes, the cost could also be cut.

Storage, in the beginning...

Storage, in the beginning…

What things do we really want to keep? Since we don’t know when we’ll settle down, if ever, and if that’ll be in Sweden or not. If ever. So, why keep a huge bed, some really heavy shelves to put a large TV-set on, a dining table and six chairs, an office desk and tons of clothes and shoes we haven’t missed the last five months?

During the walk we tried to figure out which things really mean something to us, and how our thoughts and feelings regarding certain things have changed since we left our house in Sweden last November. Yes, we did sell, give and throw away lots of stuff already then. And selected what to keep. But after five months of travelling our views on owning furniture has changed as one example, and to have four matching chairs is no longer as “important”, or to have a very special table to put the TV-set on, or to keep all different types of pillows, blankets and whatever we decided to keep.

Storage, after a few more rounds with the car...

Storage, after a few more rounds with the car…

The things we decided to keep were hard to just “get rid of” then, but now our thinking is a bit clearer and with some distance and a clearer sense of what we don’t know (like where we’re going to live the coming years) it doesn’t really make sense to keep all those things. We’ve also learned a lot from living in other people’s homes and the thinking regarding money and what is worth what has changed.

Beds, bookshelves, rugs, suitcases...

Beds, bookshelves, rugs, suitcases…

Who knows what we’ll do with the stuff in the storage, but we do know there will be some changes made!

// Anders and Wivan


2 thoughts on “The actual value of certain things

  1. Magic post, and so interesting to read about! How about guestblogging on #cleanse4expansion with this post as well? It’s a perfect fit, I would say. 🙂
    Because that is precisely where I am landing…. things serve us, because we attach a certain meaning (value) to them… and then, we wake up, and we don’t anymore. The time of being in/of service is gone, and we are free to move on.

    I am so grateful for you guys lighting the way for me!

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