A few weeks later

A lot has happened and at the same time not so much in the past couple of weeks.

We’ve been busy with the two dogs we have at our current house sit, and the first week here we even had another house + pets parallel to this one.


Morning walk with Bunty and Boo Boo

So the past weeks we’ve taken long walks daily and Wivan have continued the work out routine she started early this year. Anders has been resting a lot since his shoulder got dislocated almost three weeks ago when we were snowboarding/skiing in the mountains. He’s now feeling a lot better and the body seems to heal well. Cross our fingers for him to be fully recovered in a few more weeks.


Hot chocolate in the afternoon sun

The past week we had our first visitors from Sweden since we started our tour in November. Our niece and nephew came to stay with us and we’ve done some sightseeing in the area, visited one of the local markets, had fika and talked about life. One day we even went across the border to Spain over the day.


Daytrip to Vielha in Spain

Now it seems like we’re finally landing a bit more steadily in our new way of life. It’s taken somewhat three months to relax deeper and to see/hear/feel the spinning thoughts slow down one at a time. Every day there still comes thoughts like “we should this or that” or “we probably need to do this” and every day we remind ourselves that there are very few things we actually have to do or that needs to be done this very minute. Instead we like to play a bit more and continuously ask ourselves what we’d really enjoy doing at this moment, or what we’d love to do next and go from that instead of should/would.


Delivery from Sweden: snus, coconut oil, lingonsylt, kaviar and Ormsalva heat lotion + some candy

It’s great to have the time to explore deeper within our own habits and thought patterns, what type of thinking that creates our beliefs and feelings in certain moments and to also have the ability to choose differently.

Take care and thanks for reading!
// Anders & Wivan


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