Different with different people

Postcards, e-mails, blog posts, Skype calls, Viber messages, phone calls, packages, Facebook, Instagram, Whattsapp…


Wivan on Skype with her Master Mind group

There are many ways of staying in touch with family, friends and new acquaintances. After writing an e-mail to Wivan’s 95-year old grandmother it becomes clear that we write, talk and describe things differently depending on the reciever.

Really nothing new, in the sense that Wivan has worked as a journalist for several years and in that work has been thinking a lot about the reader/listener/viewer, and in Anders’ work it’s also been different communication methods and ways depending on with whom or where in the world the other person is.


Anders and one of the cats catching up on some correspondence

But since we now stay in touch with friends, family members of different ages, blog followers, former colleagues and neighbours it’s fun to see how we think of these people, what we know they’re interested in and what they’re looking for in the world.

So, Wivan’s grandmother got an extended story about us baking cinnamon rolls for a “Swedish fika”. Grandma has been baking a lot in her life and can relate to that, and like hearing about everyday things.

Our sister-in-law gets some pictures of a French kitchen since she’s thinking of how to finish their kitchen. Not many words in her message – she’s working full time, have a small child at home and spend a lot of time working on their house.

The nieces and nephews are usually on Facebook and/or Instagram, so it’s mostly short messages, likes and pictures. We probably should start snap chatting to really stay up-to-date with them. But, we’re still a bit old-fashioned in that sense ;-).


Friday kiss

The friends are usually on Facebook, and we chat in short or long messages. Some we send e-mails to and others also Viber or Whattsapp.

Parents and siblings we like to see and talk to over Skype, so we do that quite a lot when the current Internet connection allows it. They also get a long e-mail every now and then, where we summarize some of the latest information and experiences, and short “we’ve now landed in…” e-mails after flying or driving longer distances.

Even if we’re on the rather slow and quiet country side, we still have a lot of communication going on. And like it! Different focus and pictures for different people, closer and more personal with our closest ones. It was good to realize this is happening, and why at times it feels overwhelming to tell everyone “everything”, since we’re changing the details and focus depending on who we’re talking or writing to.

How do your interactions vary depending on the person at the other end?

Stay in touch!

//Wivan and Anders


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