This kindness kicks ***


Two eggs, fresh from the chicken house

It’s overwhelming and humbling to recieve all the gifts, help, care and friendly gestures we are met by every day.

Before leaving Sweden, we blogged about how we needed to practice recieving, that we’re more used to giving and now it’s time to accept help and things from others.


Last weekend we got to go up on a Mountain with friends

So, we’ve thought about this, and have been recieving a lot. Accepting the wonderful fact that people do want to help out, that so many we meet enjoy giving to us and taking us with them to different places.

Last week we were invited for dinner to a couple we’ve only recently met. There was no end to the generosity they showed us, like eating pancakes made from flour, eggs and milk from their own farm for example. Served with whipped cream and jam – also from their farm. And vegetables and meat and liquor and…

Wivan was so excited she got the last two pancakes in a doggy bag for the next day 😉 And we also got to bring a couple of eggs home directly from the chicken house.

It’s also been nice to feel welcome at the local pub evenings where expats and locals meet and have a beer or glass of wine on Friday evenings. Last Friday we brought a new house sitting “colleague” along, so she got to meet some of this generosity as well. Oh, the time before that, the first thing that happened was someone buying us drinks as soon as we walked through the doors!

Anders at a 5-star hotel in Cairo, a treat from our hosts there

Anders at a 5-star hotel in Cairo, a treat from our hosts there

And we’ve been shown around in the area, driven to markets, been given presents and all sorts of wonderful little things. This was truly nothing we expected before we got here, and we had never even imagined anything like it when we were thinking about our house sits and the time we had planned in France or other parts of the world.

We have been giving a lot to others, and now we certainly enjoy recieving all the love, care and help we get. Thanks to everyone – let’s all see what we can give or share with others the coming days.

// Anders & Wivan


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