What it’s like in a new room

Imagine walking into a room where you’ve never been before. All is new to you; the space of the room, the ceiling, the furniture, the sounds, the floor, mats, decoration, windows and the light. It probably takes some time before you’ve taken it all in and registered the way of placing the furniture, how the light comes in to the room and how the colors play together on the walls.


Cairo sky

Maybe it’s a whole house you walk in to. Or a new village. Maybe even a completely (to you) unknown town. The colors are different from what you’re used to. The food, language and manners might be completely “opposite” to the way you usually do it, what you eat or how you’ve learned to talk.


Vegetable garden at our current house sit

An early morning this image of the room comes to my mind and I realize this is exactly what has happened to us in the past three months – everything is new or different, we learn new words, get to know new people, drive in unknown places and visit cities we’ve never even thought of before. The food and culture varies from what we’re used to and our way of life has changed since we moved out of our house, quit work and started travelling.

With that in mind, it’s not very surprising that we’re tired at times and that all the impressions take time to digest and take in.


One of the six horses we're looking after

Since a week we’re back in France, in a small village on the country side south of Toulouse. We enjoy beautiful views of the Pyrenees, fresh air, lots of locally produced food and wonderful people taking care of us, inviting for dinners and events, calling to check we’re ok and being friendly in all sorts of ways.

We’re house sitting at a small farm with six horses and two cats. It’s a totally different way of living compared to Cairo. This is a life close to nature and we get to be outdoors a lot. Though we don’t work in the sense a lot of people do and we don’t have many obligations, we still get tired and need to rest.


Giza pyramids

This is what we’ve asked for – change, variety, different. And here we are, loving it and enjoying all the bits and pieces that puts our days together, puts our life together. Old habits fall away, new skills and knowledge appear, thoughts and patterns that no longer serves us disappear, new ones come up in the quiet and stillness of the calm country life.


Anders together with the horses


9 thoughts on “What it’s like in a new room

  1. Love reading about your days and the beautiful scenery.
    So glad you are living a new dream while you can.
    Keep posting…….

  2. Åh, det låter så underbart! Och vilka härliga bilder! Så roligt med hästarna! De ser så söta och goa ut! 🙂

    • 🙂 Tack Kristina, vi har det väldigt, väldigt bra. Igår hembjudna till nya bekanta här i området och fick vara med och ta in korna, grisen och hönsen för kvällen. Fick med oss två purfärska ägg hem, och middagen bestod av bland annat kött, ägg, mjölk, mjöl och smör från gården. Wow alltså! Plus hemgjord likör mm.
      Kram till dig och hela familjen!

  3. Amazing reflection on rooms – the old familiar ones, and the new unknown.

    Look at your rooms, everyone, open your eyes and see!

    • Thanks Helena 🙂
      Yes, there certainly are many, many unknown rooms around!

      • Oh yeah!!! And the physical ones, can give us a way into the mental ones. The mental ones, can give us a way into the physical ones.

        It’s an everlasting journey of exploration, and it’s ALWAYS available. Amazing!

      • True. So true how the physical rooms sort of “feeds” an exploring and insight on to the mental rooms. Love it.

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