New Years resolution

Nowadays, we rarely give any new years resolutions. Change seems to happen anyway when it’s time and when we’re ready. So instead of all those endless lists of “I should do more of this and less of that…”, we’re just setting intentions for the new day, the new week, the new year or whatever new is in front of us.

To do list?

To do list?

And what we really like is to ask ourselves, eachother and others some questions about the passed year and the year ahead of us. Questions like; What did I learn from the most in the past year? How would I like to spend my days in the coming year? Who have been most important in my life for the past 12 months? What moments have made the biggest impact on me as a person? What in particular would I like to learn more about or accomplish the next year?

Inspiration from dogs :-)

Inspiration from dogs πŸ™‚

What questions do you like to answer when you’re thinking back on the year that has passed? What would you ask someone about the coming 12 months?


2 thoughts on “New Years resolution

  1. Hahaha – laughing out loud reading the doggy advise which to me looks quite sound! πŸ˜€

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