Swedish fika

Ever felt a craving for a cup of coffee or tea at around three o’clock in the afternoon?


Coffee and pain au chocolat + some extra chocolate

Well, you might be Swedish without even knowing it!

See, most Swedes cherish their “fika” (coffee break) almost as much as a full three week vacation. That time of relaxing, a small chat and something to nibble on really is worth a lot to many of us.


Morning "fika" outside, with some tea and cold water

Usually, it would be a cup of coffee and a sandwich at 10 am, and a cup of coffee and something sweet at 3 pm. But, as most cultures in the world, also Sweden has had some changes over the last… Decades. So it could also be a healthy smoothie or a fruit as the morning fika, and maybe a rye sandwich, a fruit, yoghurt or something totally different in the afternoon.


We like good coffee and travel with this Italian Bialetti coffee maker

Oh, “holy” as many people still see the coffee/tea break, there really are no rules around how to do it – it just sort of has to be. Let’s just say that when it’s Friday, lots of work places have an afternoon break with some home made sweets together with a chat over a cup. And if someone quits their job, it’s sort of expected of that person to serve the former colleagues something little extra as a good bye-gesture. What’s your favourite fika? And at what time do you serve it?


Hot cocoa and raisin buns at the market


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