The new New

Suddenly in Cairo, Egypt. Suddenly in a new environment, new (to us) culture. Suddenly, and again, in a new setting of people, new aquantencies, new subjects of discussion and again a new home, a new pet, almost everything totally new to us and yet still at home, still together, still at peace.


Sunshine and blue sky

Sitting in bed at night, trying to grasp all that has happened the last 36 hours; flights, friends, airports, hotel, sleep, staying awake, new people, new places, new bed and… It’s so much to take in, much to learn and catch, many, many things. Inspiring, tiring, scaring, laughing, leaning, listening, seeing, hearing, waring, eating.

It’s all ours. It’s all us. It’s all here. It’s all now.

We know nothing about next. Nothing about tomorrow. Noting about later. It’s all here. It’s all now, new.

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