Great food, great people


Anders getting ready for painting

It’s so much fun to experience all the giving and generosity from people we meet and have gotten to know during our first six weeks of travelling. Especially from people we don’t even know yet.


At the market Saturday morning

Last Saturday we were invited for dinner together with the couple we’ve been house sitting for. It was a Swedish man and his wife having us all over for a great feast with wonderful food and lots of laughter and even some magic tricks!

And at the market on Saturday morning we met our dinner hosts from the week before, inviting us to stay with them for a couple of extra days when we come back from Egypt.


The cheese stand at the market

On top of that, we’ve been served the most amazing food at our current house sit (where we now have done some Workaway projects).


Oysters with Tabasco and ground pepper

Anders keep on saying “We never imagined it to be this awesome before we left Sweden. This is way better than I could have ever dreamt of”.


English breakfast

Lets just say, with good food you come a long way with the two of us. 😉

And with wonderful, loving and caring people it’s just so much more easy to open up our hearts and enjoy what we’re having and receiving.

Now we’re looking forward to going to Egypt for three weeks, arriving on Thursday morning – and know what?! We’re already invited to stay a couple of extra nights there after our house sit, to join a birthday party.

What acts of giving have you noticed lately?

//Anders and Wivan

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