Links to other travelers

Recently found some interesting blogs and websites which have shed new light on traveling, expenses and know-how when it comes to backpacking, or flashpacking.

Flashpacker Family gives a lot of tips and inspiration regarding living a travelers life – and yes, they do travel the world with a three year old boy.

Five Dollar Traveller is another blog with lots of smart ideas, findings and tips for anyone wanting to go behind the tourist traps and be a smarter voyager. Aiming to get the maximum adventure for a minimum budget.

Lee Abbamontes website, with his lists of 30. The 30 best airports in the world, the 30 best countries for food, the 30 best beaches, the 30 best airlines and the lists continues. A fun way to share some of his experiences, being the youngest American visiting all the countries of the world. He’s a real expert.

Romancing the Planet, a blog by a man we find some similarities with. He likes to meet with new people, try new food and wants to explore the world rather than staying in an office. He’s traveled parts of Africa and have a lot of experience from Asia.

These are just a few sites that can be fun to visit – there are, literally, thousands and thousands of great blogs, websites and interesting facts to find online. Do you have input? Please share in a comment below or send us an e-mail.

Enjoy! // Anders & Wivan


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