The pleasure of small tasks

It’s fun to see how small, everyday tasks have become much more important and pleasurable since we left our house and started travelling.

Washing clothes, for example. Now, when we no longer have the comfort of a washing machine in the same way as we used to, it becomes like a little ceremony to do laundry – collect what needs to be washed, pick a day and a time that works for us and whoever lives where we are at the moment, make sure the clothes will dry before we need to pack them again… And so on.

Haven't had to use one of these yet. Picture: pointlessanecdotes

Haven’t had to use one of these yet

Taking a shower or a bath. It’s all of a sudden a little planning behind it – especially if we’re doing some sweaty work or don’t have that much clean clothes left, then we might want to “save” the shower for a bit. It’s become a luxury in a totally new dimension.

Shower, a luxury

Shower, a luxury

Eating. Without regular schedules, we let our hunger and feeling decide what and when to eat. If we’re staying up late and sleep in we might skip breakfast and eat a brunch or lunch instead. There’s nothing saying we have to eat a certain time, just because it’s a hole in the schedule.
It’s also become a lot more valuable to have a little snack in the backpack and we feel rich when we have a nice kitchen to cook and eat in. And to have “new” cups, glasses, silverware and plates in every place we visit gives an extra variation that’s sort of fun!

Mending things, cleaning a kitchen, raking leaves…. Small tasks, daily little chores, things that needs attention – when able to do them in our own pace, at a time that feels good or when the weather is nice feels like a luxury and a lot more enjoyable than to try and fit everything in during a short weekend.

Everyday things appears to be more fun and enjoyable to us now

Everyday things appears to be more fun and enjoyable to us now

Pillows. Yes, we keep our own pillows, as long as we travel by car. It’s been great for us, helping us sleep better and surely is good for the neck compared to sleeping on too thick/soft pillows and feeling uncomfortable night after night, as well as “baby blanket” that’s comforting and nice to have.

Coffee and Tea. To have a tasty cup of coffee or a well made tea is a luxury. Will always be. So we make sure to have some good teas at hand and never deny ourselves a “fika” (Swedish coffee/tea break).

Computer, tablet, cell phone. Being able to travel comfortably by car, and with one large backpack each, we bring quite a lot of electronic equipment – for writing, taking pictures, watching movies, Skype calls and digital storage. We like technology, we’re used to have a proper keyboard (computer) and enjoy being able to use a light tablet for movies and reading books. Boy, do we treasure those things!

Wivan in a Skype call with mom

Wivan in a Skype call with mom

Not only are we more aware of the comforts we used to have in our own home, we’ve also become even more conscious of the environment thanks to using and caring for other people’s things and resources. This truly is an unexpected “side effect” of travelling the we do.

// Anders and Wivan


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