New area and new people

It’s been two really great days for a couple of travelers like us – yesterday we were invited for dinner to a couple we’re going to house sit for in January, and together with in total five others we had a wonderful time and learned new things and of course got to know new people.


On our way in the car with Alfie the dog

Today we took a walk and had tea with a couple we’re house sitting for in February, again a nice way to learn more about the area and the people living here.

Both of those couples live near the village we are in at the moment, and the January house sit we got thanks to the February-couple. So we got recommended before we even met them!


Met this beauty on one of the walks today

Since we’ve been “homeless” for five weeks now, it’s always lovely to be invited to someones home and be taken care of. But also to get to know new people. And really, we meet lots of amazing people, inspiring and willing to help us in all different ways.

Yesterday we also got a good offer from the owners at our current house sit; to stay for some extra days in exchange for some work around the house. After sleeping on it for a night, we decided to say yes and will stay here until we go to Egypt on the 17th of December.


Pretty details in the garden

We’re feeling more and more trust in getting the help we need and to find solutions for whatever situation may come up. This is exploring life at its best!

// Anders & Wivan

6 thoughts on “New area and new people

  1. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful and inspiring time! 🙂

    • Absolutely! It’s heart-warming to meet with all these people, to see how others trust in us and in each other, and to realize the world is much more open than we sometimes think.

  2. What luck you have to meet such nice people! How is your French now? getting better?We are following your moves every day. We miss you but we are so happy to know that you have such a nice time. The photo of Andres and the dog is great!!!!! Lots of love from pappa och Milis

    • It surely is lucky and we’re grateful 🙂
      Our French needs a lot of improvement. Honestly we haven’t practiced much at all, just learning the regular words that we stumble upon in our daily lives.
      We’ve just been too tired and occupied with the huge change it is to live in this new manner. There haven’t been energy and inspiration over to learn a language at the same time…

      Thanks for your love and support, we recieved the package today 🙂
      Stora kramar!

  3. Kul att hitta er gamla blogg och följa med hit istället. Ser fram emot att följa er resa i livet. Älskar när man följer sitt hjärta och bara gör. Vi gör likadant, men ännu inte hamnat utomlands. Men den bilden finns kvar på vår drömboard.

    • Tack Anna!
      Fint att följa sin livsväg och lita till att allt är som det ska, blir som det ska och att vi är rätt oavsett hur omständigheterna ser ut. Och att våga välja sin väg.
      Hälsningar och heja er!

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