What to wear?

When we first got to the Workaway host we’ve stayed with for a week, we were told to “dress for painting tomorrow”. And we were thinking… What do we actually have that can be used for painting?

Dressed for painting

Dressed for painting

The thing is; our packing is rather compact, since we’ve got all of our clothes and belongings in a backpack each. We do have the car, wich opens up some bonus possibilities, but still, the clothes are limited.

Anders in his 'painting gear'

Anders in his “painting gear”, and also a helping paw…

We found out we’d be good in our relax/yoga clothes. So Anders is wearing his brown pants from the Swedish brand Hängmatta and a t-shirt from Craft. And Wivan’s using her comfy-pants bought at a Spanish market last spring and an ecological singlet from Kapp Ahl.

Anders and the dog having a little break

Anders and Benji having a little break


For outdoors, these clothes work as well, and Wivan likes taking her rain-pants over the blue comfy’s to stay dry. And we’ve got our really good boots to put on and thereby stay dry and are good with pretty much any type of work or weather.

Us in the middle of an outside working day

Us in the middle of an outside working day

Wivan started using her “fine long sleeve shirt” for outdoor work, since the wool-jacket wasn’t an option. And that’s just it, things and clothes need to have more than one function in order to really work when travelling. We’re learning by doing.

Today we’re spending the day in fancy Nice, probably taking the train to Monaco. And our outdoor-clothes, with pants from Fjällräven, will be the choice of the day. Everything can be used for any occasion, as long as you remember a trip like ours is not about fashion… 😉

Enjoying some painting

Enjoying some painting

//Anders and Wivan


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