Arrived in Nice


In a hotel in central Nice

Today we’ve left our Workaway host and driven to Nice, almost on the border to Italy. It’ll be a couple of days on our own before we’re taking on our next house sit, south of Toulouse.

Sure, this is a bit of driving in the “wrong” direction, but we’ve been really eager to see Nice and the coast.

It was a challenge, as always, to drive into the city, but now that we’re here it’s so well worth it. And, after four weeks of travelling, all of a sudden we met four Swedish ladies in a small supermarket – speaking the same dialect as Anders. We started talking and they were all very sweet and wished us the best of luck on our travels.

Such small things mean the world to us, as well as getting help from a bicykle messenger on the street when we were totally lost (we still don’t have a gps).

Since it’s the first of December we’ve opened the first day of our liquorice Christmas calendar.

Thanks for reading!

//Anders and Wivan


Brian Tracy


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