Until now, we’ve used the website to find ads and sign up for different house sits around Europe (and Egypt). About a month ago a friend showed us the page where travellers and hosts meet for matching and the basics is that someone can apply for an open spot at a hosts place and get to stay and eat for free in exchange for 4-5 hours of work per day.


Workaway logo and the world map


The type of work differs a lot depending on the host – it can be anything from cooking to baby sitting and building, to volunteering, working with guests at a resort and making breakfast at a B&B. Anything really.

So, we searched the workaway-site to fill a gap between two house sits, and found a match! We’ve e-mailed with them back and forth,will talk to them tomorrow, but already made up our minds. On Sunday we’ll join their family to see what we can help out with around their home and the Bed and Breakfast they run.

Workaway webpage

Workaway webpage

It really is great to be able to use these websites in order to find open minded people, to see the reviews they’ve gotten from former visitors and to connect and see if there might be a match between the two of us.

Both hosts and travellers/workawayers get to create their own profile, describing the assignment or who they are, can upload pictures and add whatever information or details that might be useful to the other part. Like a matchmaking site with a work/living purpose. 😉

Do you have any experience from other useful webpages for travellers?

// Anders & Wivan


2 thoughts on “Workaway

  1. That sounds really exciting and fun! Good luck with your assignment! 🙂

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