Does bedding count?

The things we say

So, we’ve committed to live abroad for about eight months to come. Or, that’s what it looks like at the moment.

About ten days ago we moved out of our house and stored away the furniture and things we haven’t already sold. Some things are in our “home away from home”, at Wivan’s mom’s place.

The other night we both woke up at four in the morning, for different reasons, and Wivan felt uncomfortable and had thoughts about the sheets in the bed not being the way she likes them the best. It’s really no idea to even complain about it, since we don’t have an option at the moment. Or we’ve choosen it to be this way, and it’s time to face the consequences of our choices.


We are happy we have a bed to sleep in, that someone (the owner of the place we currently house sit at) provides us with a bed, sheets and towels, and that we’re able to visit new places, get to meet with unknown friends and explore life and the world a bit more.

There are many things we like in certain ways. But when it comes down to what’s really important, most of it doesn’t matter anymore. When we’ve discussed those type of things the past week we’ve realized that living like this, with a backpack each and some extra things in the car, we’re challenging our standards, values and get to see what really counts and how many things that all of a sudden falls away and how flexible we are and can be.



Sure, when we can pick whatever we want we might choose something in particular, but when keeping life more simple by owning and bringing less things, all of a sudden we see it a bit different. Wonder what’ll happen and change in our thinking regarding things, certain ways and routines the coming eight months. The journey just started!



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