And, we’re off!

The house is no longer ours.


This has been our home for a good seven years

Earlier today we signed the house over to the new owner and had our loans paid off. Living expenses have been a rather big part of our monthly payments the past years and therefor this coming period of house sitting feels even more compelling.

Now we’re heading towards France and will drive overnight to get to our first assignment on time. That’s another first, to take shifts driving instead of stopping someplace to sleep.

We have pillows and blankets in the car, as well as water, snacks and other goodies. And a First Aid kit that we hopefully won’t have to use.


Lunch: spinach and sandwiches

A friend of ours is getting a lift down to Paris and then the two of us will continue to Limoges from there.

You’ll probably get the next update from France. Thanks for all the support this far – now let the new fase begin!


Anders at the bank

4 thoughts on “And, we’re off!


    And you are off!


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