The dream board

Dreamboard (3)

For several years we’ve had a Dreamboard in our home. It’s a board or large paper where we’ve collected pictures and texts that inspires us in the direction we want to go, like things we’d like to get more of, experiences we want to share with others, places we’d like to go or wishes we have for the future.

It’s been fun cutting out pictures and head lines from magazines and newspapers, choosing photos of us in places or moments we really have enjoyed and would like to experience more of. We have made these boards together. One can of course make one each or several boards that are kept in different places like the bedroom, office, kitchen, living room etc.

Dreamboard (1)

In fact, we have had several boards and inspirational quotes pretty much all over the house. It’s been a good way to remind ourselves of our dreams and visions.

Last spring, when we got the house ready for sale, we took the big dreamboard down from the living room wall, and it’s been stored away since. A few weeks ago Wivan came to think of it again, and realized she’s put up several pictures of backpacks on that board. She already have several backpacks in different sizes, but it’s a nice feeling to thinking of backpack hikes or travels.

Dreamboard (2)

All of a sudden we find ourselves planning for a long trip/time away, only packing in backpacks. Let us be clear on that we really didn’t see this coming. Sure, when we decided to move to Spain we realized we’d get a summer/holiday setting lifestyle in the very place we’d be living. Like a permanent vacation center. But, this travelling thing we’re about to do now, that’s been a subconcious direction we just recently noticed.

On the board we’ve also had many pictures of inspiring places we’d like to go. Holiday resorts, beaches, sunshine, beautiful dishes of food – and now we’re about to spend this coming winter in southern parts of Europe. Maybe not at holiday resorts, but with moments by the ocean for sure, in new places and with new inspiring dishes on the meny.

Our backpacks :-)

Our backpacks 🙂

Here’s a wikiHow-article on how to make your own dreamboard.

And here’s a fun site, DreamItAlive, where you can share your dreams with others, find like minded people and even start crowd funding to reach your dreams.

Do you have any dreams you want to share with us? Please do, we’d love to hear about your visions and future projects and maybe we could help or support you in some way.


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