Five for change

In an article about us (yes, it’s in Swedish) that’s published in the local Swedish newspaper Skånska Dagbladet today, we give five tips or suggestions on how to start a personal change. We’ve translated it for you, lovely blog readers, and would love to hear your comments or additions to the list.


Anders & Wivans best tips and questions for those who are ready to make a change of some sort.

  •  Why do you want a change? Is it something you want to “dodge from” or something you are longing for?
  • Give your self time to reflect. Where are you today? How would you like your life/situation? What are you dreaming of?
  • Find your role models. There are books, movies, You Tube, blogs, seminars, TED talks, friends and acquaints – who inspires you?
  • Dare to try! Each change starts with a small step. Let things take time and keep on – we never know until we actually tried.
Summer of 2007 in Halmstad

Summer of 2007 in Halmstad


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