Learning a new language

It’s challenging to realize that we will be foreigners in countries where we don’t yet speak the language.
And at the same time we’re enjoying our language studies and the new ways of learning that have become avaliable thanks to our modern technology.

Spanish books, movies and audio courses

Spanish books, movies and audio courses

We’re using a very good app in our phones called Duolingo. It’s a playful and fun (and free!) way to learn words, phrases and some grammar. Basically you get to take different lessons and work on translating from English to Spanish and vice versa, you get to listen and talk – so it’s integrating all different parts of a language, except for talking to a human being πŸ˜‰

Duolingo correcting

Duolingo correcting

Beside the Duolingo app we’ve also watched some movies with Spanish dialogue, listened to Spanish courses on CD and have been playing word-games with each other at home. Now we’ve broadened the span an added French and Portugese as well.



What’s your best way of learning a new language? Any tips or suggestions on getting ahead are welcome!


2 thoughts on “Learning a new language

  1. I’d say the absolute best way is to do what you are doing: go there, and TALK! πŸ™‚

    But besides that, google this: “tim ferriss learning languages” and you’ll find a bunch of tips as well!

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