Travelling light. Really?!?

Lately some of our blogger friends have written posts about packing light for travels (most posts in Swedish) and we’ve gotten inspired and a bit challenged since we tend to pack quite a lot of things that never get used during the trips.

Well, through one of these posts we also found Leo Babauta’s post about travelling light, both in packing as well as in preparing for the trips. We like his way of telling what he and his family learned during these different trips, where they all basically had a small backpack containing all of their own stuff. Nothing more.

For most people, a backpack of 24-, 18- or even 16-liters is enough. I’ve traveled with a 16-liter backpack for weeks with no problems. I think we tend to bring more because of fear that we might need more.

Ooooh! Yes. This one hit right on the spot inside of Wivan, where the fear of ‘what if she might need this, that or whatever’ is creating scared thoughts and very odd packing.

Last summer we spent almost three weeks away from home, and though we did bring more stuff, most of what we actually used and wanted fitted in a rather small backpack. And we could already then see what things we never even used or thougth of using.

Finally, let go of expectations. If you’re going to a great city like Rome for the first time, you probably have an idea of what it is like. You’re wrong, and because it won’t match your expectations, you might be disappointed or frustrated. Instead, go in with curiosity, to explore and to really see. You’ll enjoy every trip much more.

– Leo Babauta –

Things, expectations and what we call “agenda” usually make a mess of our experience in the moment. Instead of actually being there, seeing what we see, we tend to compare everything to the picture or movie we’ve created in our mind.

Wivan used to be an expert at that, and used to be disappointed of most things most of the time!

What are your greatest lessons or best tips on travelling light? Since we’ll be travelling a lot and only bring what fits in our backpacks, we’re curious of your advice, hints and experiences.

What are you never packing? And what’s always in your bag?


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