Bring out the backpacks

It’s great to see how “old” belongings still are in shape and good condition. I bought my blue Haglöfs backpack in 1997 when I graduated from high school and it’s been a good travel companion ever since. Now it’s got some small flaws but all in all it’s still fitting me perfectly and is in really good shape.


Bags getting ready for new adventures

Bags getting ready for new adventures


Anders bought his black ShoSho from Haglöfs a few years later. They had changed their logo by that time, but it’s the same foundation as in my backpack. I’ve got a female version – meaning that it fits us who are a bit shorter and need the waist band placed in another height.

He has had his backpack both for transporting clothes and a computer back and forth from his work on the motorcycle, but also for skiing trips, hikes and vacations.

Now we’re planning on just having our backpacks and maybe one smaller bag each for the upcoming trips. So we’re playing with a packing list. What do you really want to bring when space is limited, the destination is unknown and you don’t know when you’ll get back?

// Wivan


2 thoughts on “Bring out the backpacks

  1. Well, here’s my five cents from packing (in Swedish) for a 2 wk trip earlier this year:
    I think a lot of those tips are actually valid for you as well. I’d add “layer to layer”-clothes thinking, stuff that works seperately if it’s warm, and can be used together if it gets chilly.
    Oh, and of course, checking out all Leo Baubatas tips, linked in my blog post as well. He has more thoughts, so check them out. I really like it, it’s given me food for thought on this specific topic.

    Have fun packing!

    PS – Oh, and you know what’s even better – you can always add to what you need buy getting a missing item, but lugging around something for months on end which you won’t use ever is more of a hassle! 😀

    • Thanks Helena,
      We appreciate your great tips, and as you write, Leo Babauta is a great inspiration in this, as well as your blogpost. Thanks for the reminder.

      It’s so true – layer to layer is a great way of packing, and surely – it’s both more fun and lighter/easier to buy stuff on the road rather than having to get rid of things.

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