Our first assignments!

Yesterday we booked our first house sitting assignment. It will be for two weeks in France and we’ll be staying in the country side with not much action, but it seems to be a fairly quiet assignment = chance to do some sight seeing and just play around a bit.

Map from infoplease.com

Map from infoplease.com

It feels like a great starting point – every journey starts with one small step and in order to get more assignments one need to get the first and then it’s usually easier, since you have more references.

Autumn of 2012 Foto: Lotta Woxberg

Autumn of 2012
Foto: Lotta Woxberg

The time schedule for this first assignment is just perfect – we need to be there on the 7th of November and will sign over our house on the 5th. So it really fits like a glove!


Later the same day we got our second assignment booked aswell! It’s in the spring; April and May in the beautiful Azores. 🙂

Picture from azoresweb.com

Picture from azoresweb.com

We’re on a roll and hope to fill the calendar between end of November till end of March as well. Though it is of course good to have some blank spaces in between different cities and countries to be able to sightsee, visit with people etc.

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