Family meetings and updates

So many decisions, thoughts, ideas and conversations are happening now and we sometimes have a hard time to keep up with everything, between the two of us.

What we’ve done is to book a meeting, just the two of us, to make a quick update and talk about what’s happening at the moment. We’re also making sure we know where we are in this process. Anders can’t know what’s going on in Wivan and vice versa. So instead of guessing, we’re talking about it and in order to stay together and strong during this time we want to check up and see if we’re still on the same page.

Unusual coffee break away from home

Unusual coffee break away from home

Anders is working full-time in his job while Wivan has quite little work to do and therefore handle more of the calls, planning and packing at the moment. Right now we’re at a point where we want to sell off a bunch of stuff from the house, things we don’t want to store or that aren’t that important to us and we want to get rid of.

Time together

Time together

We’re using Google calendar for our common events and bookings, making sure both of us have the same information. It works perfectly on the computer, phone and tablet.

For check-lists we’re using, a great way of keeping track of projects and being able to move things from “to do” ->”doing” ->”done” that everyone invited to a specific list can see and edit. This is also an app that we use in our phones and tablets.

Boxes ready to be stored away

Boxes ready to be stored away

To keep track of all of the boxes we’re packing and will store, we’ve created a document in Google drive. All the boxes have an individual number, so we can write down what each box contains and search for specific items if we need to.




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