Anyone need house-sitters?

As we wrote the other day, we have no plans after 7th of November. Well, we might have an assignment as dog- and house-sitters in the Azores in April and May of 2015, but up until then we would love to explore more of southern Europe. Maybe do some work, be of service as house-sitters or take care of someones pets and/or kids.

Since our plans changed drastically – from moving to Spain and run a company on the coast south of Alicante, we’re now very creative on what is possible for us to do, be and see in the future.

Less than five weeks until the new owner moves in to our house

Less than five weeks until the new owner moves into our house

Last week we signed up at the website to be able to find house- and pet-owners in need of help to care for their dogs, cats and other pets and property.

We’re also having lots of creative thoughts about ways of earning an income while we’re on the road, and we’re up for suggestions and connections in either the warmer parts of Europe or other places of the world – requirement: it needs to be sunny and a bit warmer than Sweden. 😉

Do you have any suggestions on where to go, someone to contact or a person or family that needs a house-sitter? Please share what you know with us, we’d appreciate it greatly. Who knows what shows up during these coming weeks?

Morning walk in Torre de la Horadada in May of 2014

Morning walk in Torre de la Horadada in May

Feels like we’ve never been this playful, filled with excitement and capacity to take on all the un-expected things showing up. Guess we’re getting just as much as we’re ready for, and that what was taken away from us also meant a great possibility to explore even more.

Our story still is un-told to the greater public, so please share this with others you think might be inspired. Thanks!
// Wivan & Anders


2 thoughts on “Anyone need house-sitters?

  1. House sitting is definitely something that I want to try one day. Good luck with finding someone to connect with.

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