Did we say “Ever changing”?

Oh yes! The other day we posted a blogpost called Ever changing and boy, did we get even more changes after that! And when  we wrote about Our story from a to z , it might have seemed a bit too polished and simple up till now. So the Universe/God/whoever decided to test us, our vision and trust a bit more.

Since last spring we’ve planned for and prepared to buy a company in Spain that we would work in both of us, as a way to make money, do a business together and see how that evolved for us. Well, last Wednesday we got to know that it´s not going to happen. There’s no need to talk about the details, but we were out of the picture and… now what?!

One of the pictures we keep in mind - we want to be someplace sunny and warm

One of the pictures we keep in mind – we want to be someplace sunny and warm

The interesting thing here is that we took it all with quite calm feelings, no big dramas or scenes. Sure, disappointed and surprised over how this turned out to be totally different all of a sudden, but really fast we moved in to ‘opportunity-phase’.

So, here’s where we’re at right now:

  • No jobs from 3rd of November
  • Limited budget
  • Ideas of where to go: 1000
  • Ideas of what to do/work with: 1000
  • Support from family and friends: A lot!
  • What happens next? Don’t know
  • Scared? No
  • Feelings: Sometimes calm, sometimes stressed, sometimes tired, sometimes happy, sometimes… every single one is there

What would you do in a similar situation?

We also had plans of taking classes in wind-surfing

We also had plans of taking classes in wind-surfing in Spain – now what?

Considering that we’re 35-36 years of age, this is quite a different situation from many of our friends. Sure, we’ve got no kids, but we too used to have a job, house and all of that.

And even if it seems like we’re jumping off a cliff, we’re totally safe and secure, actually enjoying what we’re discovering in this situation and within ourselves.


14 thoughts on “Did we say “Ever changing”?

  1. Jumping off a cliff is a great way to test those wings that we are all born with!

    • Wow! Never thought of that, but of course! Since we’re born with unlimited potential, sure we all have wings to fly with… and what would be better then than to jump off a cliff?! Thanks Helena for sharing your insights. // Anders & Wivan

  2. Australia! Go for it, I Love it, and guess you will too.

  3. I always say to my kids – and to myself – in situations of uncertainty; do not ask too much of your future, it will not reveal itself no matter how much you stare ahead…just look back five years and evaluate what has happened since. Little did you know! I believe strongly in that things happen for a reason, maybe this was not the time nor place. And you have no clue what you will stumble upon next! Bigger, better, more challenging. Or simply just – right.
    You have eachother, you have enough funds for a while (I guess) and you seem to have faith in that things will be ok. After the first surprise has gone away, the only thing to do is to act your way out of the mental spot you’re in. Could be a list on a sheet of paper, a blog och a ticket somewhere with open minds. Australia is definitely a good place for progress. Gets my vote any day! Watch the film “Sliding doors” and keep flying. Best of luck!

    • Wow, Thank you Camilla!
      Profound words, and so much wisdom in that. ‘The cause may be in the future’ is something I use to remind myself of, just as you write about rather looking in the rearview mirror and see how it all turned out.
      We’re definitely acting, according to your hearts and true lust and will for life. Thanks for your cheering, and we’ll check out the movie, it was a long time since last we saw it.
      Love, Wivan

  4. Oh this what I call F R E E D O M! 
    ENJOY IT! 
    And what can be better then this?
    And I totally agree with Camila!
    I would love to visit you in Australia or anywhere else!
    GOOD LUCK for you both!
    I’m sure the best will show up soon!
    Big Hugs! ❤

  5. Dear Friends, Well sometimes things in life happens for a reason. Seem like “God” stopped you before you were into something that Would not be right for you, – He sees everything , before, presence and after. So , this a way to get to a New opportunity, otherwise you should have been on the same spot, with Jobs, house, dog etc and like you Said, – Look back 5 years and see What have happend, and Now….. You have a ” New page” were you can paint a New picture. Be still and now that you have a God WHO take care you ❤️
    Wish you all the best in everything that you Do !
    Much Love – Helen

    • Thank you for your sweet words, Helen, and for the encouragement to stay on our path. We appreciate your love and support and are glad to have you with us on the journey!

      Lots of love, Anders & Wivan

  6. If I were you… Go to the land of opportunity ! USA 👍😄

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