A list of 100

Picture: healthytippingpoint.com

Picture: healthytippingpoint.com

Yes. We’ve done this. A list of 100 things we want to give, recieve or experience. And it’s fun! It takes some time, and it surely takes some soul searching when you’ve come a bit down on the list.

As we’re packing up things in our house we find bits and pieces of the work (or playful soul searching) we’ve done the past years in order to find out more about ourselves, our dreams, goals, visions and who we truly are.

Picture: newyork.cbslocal.com

Picture: newyork.cbslocal.com

Both of us have been journaling a lot through the years. Not always in a date-to-date manner, but taking lots and lots of notes, writing down thoughts, fears, happy moments, relationship issues and tons of other stuff. Among some of all those notes and books we’ve found a few different and updated lists of 100 dreams/wishes/goals.

If you want some inspiration, here are two examples we found online.

Laura Vanderkam’s list of 100 dreams.

Belinda Vesey-Browns list of 100 on Pinterest.

Should you get started on your own list of 100 dreams and would like to share parts of it, we’d be very happy to hear about it!


In searching for inspiration and pictures to this post, we stumbeled across this story about Donna, 38, who was killed by a hit-and-run driver. In her pocket the police found a list of things she wanted to accomplish in her life.

Emptying the fridge and freezer

It’s so much fun to see what we’ve kept in the freezer, cupboards and fridge. Now that it’s time to leave this house we want to finish as much we can of the food that’s left, and that brings out a lot of creativity in our cooking.

And it reminds us of great food combinations, like this tasty and healthy breakfast.


This is green lentils that we’ve sprouted for a few days, and mixed with raspberries and pieces of mango that’s been frozen. Might seem a bit odd if you’re used to eating bread or yoghurt in the morning, but it surely is a great combo, and tastes very good, gives good nutrition and keeps you satisfied for several hours.

This could also serve as a good snack to bring in a small container for work or a picnic.

Perfectionist making decisions

Ha! This part of my personality is slowly getting kicked out of the house. Bit by bit is challenged to leave and let go.

There are so many small decisions to make, and the former perfectionistic person is constantly getting to answer her own questions like “is this really important?”, “why do I take this so seriously?”, “if you do happen to make a bad choice, will it be possible to change it afterwards?”.

Most of the things causing these questions and that are challenging now, is about what to pack and what  not to pack in the one backpack that we each will bring along on our travels. It can be choices of which or how many skirts to bring. Should we bring a deck of cards along? If I only bring one pair of pants, which should I choose?

Where's the cat?

Where’s the cat?

In a greater perspective, it’s silly small choices. Nothing of real importance, nothing that really matters in the long run. But my brain seems to consider it questions of life or death. It has to be perfect. In my past I would have wanted the packing of the backpack to be perfect. I should not regret anything I had put in there, and nothing should be missing.

Can you imagine what preassure that creates? How totally unhealthy that way of thinking is when it comes to small choices? It’s really a great reminder of how fun it is to grow as humans, how grateful I am to have gotten out of a lot of that behavior – and now it’s small tests showing up and making it possible to practice a bit.

Who do I become on this journey of life?

Who do I become on this journey of life?

After a few days of agony, the thinking is now falling into place and has slowed down quite a bit, making more sense and it’s a lot easier to choose and pick what to pack and what to leave out.

Shampoo in a runner's water bottle and two different shower gels mixed in a small container from a hotel. A former perfectionist in action!

Shampoo in a small water bottle and two different shower gels mixed in a small container from a hotel. A former perfectionist in action 😉

Yesterday I met an old friend who has been living abroad for several years and I asked for his advice on packing and travelling. This is his short list:

  1. Don’t bring too much stuff. Pack light.
  2. Bring something personal, that reminds you of home or that means something to you. Music is one of his treasures.
  3. Make sure to take the opportunity to meet with people, to have conversations and to explore new places.


Evening snack


Taking a break

It’s been a fun and rather productive day, being less than a week left until we move out of our house.

Yesterday a friend gave me a very intense body treatment, and I slept really good last night, for the first time in weeks. Today I’ve been energized and joyful, feeling present and calm.

Among other things I have put out all the things I want to bring on our travels in order to see how much it actually is, and what more I can put aside.



After many decisions, I am now a bit dizy and tired, having a late night snack and want to do something else than packing.

Like taking a time out on the floor of the layndry room. 🙂


Faith vs fear

Your faith in the fact that this world has your best interests in mind but often send its miracles disguised as difficulties must be far bigger than your fear of those difficilties ruining your life. Your faith in the intelligence of the universe must be a lot larger than your fears that your’re all alone. There’s a much bigger plan unfolding, and you must trust in it. Once you do, the enchantment of your life will be given permission to rise to the surface.


– From the book The saint, the surfer and the CEO, by Robin Sharma –


Got lost on yesterday's walk...

The dream board

Dreamboard (3)

For several years we’ve had a Dreamboard in our home. It’s a board or large paper where we’ve collected pictures and texts that inspires us in the direction we want to go, like things we’d like to get more of, experiences we want to share with others, places we’d like to go or wishes we have for the future.

It’s been fun cutting out pictures and head lines from magazines and newspapers, choosing photos of us in places or moments we really have enjoyed and would like to experience more of. We have made these boards together. One can of course make one each or several boards that are kept in different places like the bedroom, office, kitchen, living room etc.

Dreamboard (1)

In fact, we have had several boards and inspirational quotes pretty much all over the house. It’s been a good way to remind ourselves of our dreams and visions.

Last spring, when we got the house ready for sale, we took the big dreamboard down from the living room wall, and it’s been stored away since. A few weeks ago Wivan came to think of it again, and realized she’s put up several pictures of backpacks on that board. She already have several backpacks in different sizes, but it’s a nice feeling to thinking of backpack hikes or travels.

Dreamboard (2)

All of a sudden we find ourselves planning for a long trip/time away, only packing in backpacks. Let us be clear on that we really didn’t see this coming. Sure, when we decided to move to Spain we realized we’d get a summer/holiday setting lifestyle in the very place we’d be living. Like a permanent vacation center. But, this travelling thing we’re about to do now, that’s been a subconcious direction we just recently noticed.

On the board we’ve also had many pictures of inspiring places we’d like to go. Holiday resorts, beaches, sunshine, beautiful dishes of food – and now we’re about to spend this coming winter in southern parts of Europe. Maybe not at holiday resorts, but with moments by the ocean for sure, in new places and with new inspiring dishes on the meny.

Our backpacks :-)

Our backpacks 🙂

Here’s a wikiHow-article on how to make your own dreamboard.

And here’s a fun site, DreamItAlive, where you can share your dreams with others, find like minded people and even start crowd funding to reach your dreams.

Do you have any dreams you want to share with us? Please do, we’d love to hear about your visions and future projects and maybe we could help or support you in some way.

29 boxes and 3 suitcases


Moving things to the storage

Today we started moving things out of the house to the storage place.

Except for the boxes, one Stokke chair, one crash pad (for boulder climbing), one ironing board and three suitcases moved out.


Carry, roll and lift

This gives more space and overview in the house, which is really nice. Tomorrow we’ll continue moving out. Next weekend will be the final days in the house, and it feels good to get a head start already.


Borrowed this beauty today

Five for change

In an article about us (yes, it’s in Swedish) that’s published in the local Swedish newspaper Skånska Dagbladet today, we give five tips or suggestions on how to start a personal change. We’ve translated it for you, lovely blog readers, and would love to hear your comments or additions to the list.


Anders & Wivans best tips and questions for those who are ready to make a change of some sort.

  •  Why do you want a change? Is it something you want to “dodge from” or something you are longing for?
  • Give your self time to reflect. Where are you today? How would you like your life/situation? What are you dreaming of?
  • Find your role models. There are books, movies, You Tube, blogs, seminars, TED talks, friends and acquaints – who inspires you?
  • Dare to try! Each change starts with a small step. Let things take time and keep on – we never know until we actually tried.
Summer of 2007 in Halmstad

Summer of 2007 in Halmstad