We get all we need

There are so many people wanting to help out and do small and big things in order to make our move easier.


Mom at our place sorting out papers

Ok, we knew that the members of our family are great and that our friends are more than generous. But to really hear, see, meet with and also accept the gifts and helpful hands fills our hearts to the brim with gratitude.

The past few days Wivan’s mom has been visiting, helping out with paperwork, the garden and sharing her wisdom and knowledge in our conversations.


Anders got a count-down calendar

We also have lots of help from a brother in the US who gives plenty of advice on economics, and an accountant (dad) who listens, gives great feedback and widens our thinking in so many ways.

This is just part of it, and a way to show a small part of all the help we get.


Oh, Yes! The place is a mess!

Friends of ours keep asking if there’s anything we need, and offers a place to stay if we need it. And maybe most unvaluable are all the pep talks, high-fives and warming hugs, messages and phone calls we get.


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