Everything at once

Got this word of wisdom on a teabag from Yogi tea the other night.

Now is the time!

Now is the time!

And that’s exactly what it’s like at the moment. Many things are happening at the same time and I believe we’re both a bit tired of all administrative things we’ve been up to since we signed a contract with a buyer of our house. It appeared that we needed to renovate quite big parts of our bathroom, so that has been started (ok, it’s not us doing the work but we’re filing a claim with the insurance company).

The former bathroom

The former bathroom

Except for the renovation, some new “interesting” things regarding our loans in the bank have shown up and at the same time we’re finishing the last parts of an offer to a company-owner.

And last night Anders sold his Harley Davidson motorcycle, a sad good bye and at the same time something he wanted to do as a preparation for our move.


Last night with the precious Fat Bob Harley Davidson

It’s been many different phone calls, talks about insurance, bank loans, craftsmen, advising, lists of to-do, percentages back and forth, online ads for things we want to sell, making packing-lists and what not.


Things to bring in the car to Spain

So in between all of that it’s kind of nice to start packing things up and numbering the boxes in wich we’re storing most of our belongings until we decide to get rid of them or bring them down to Spain in a year or so.

We’ve lived together for almost 16 years and I’m amazed and a bit overwhelmed over how many things we have. And what kind of things we’ve kept during the years. The big things, like furniture and so are ok, but I really dislike all the small stuff, those are the hardest to pack and know what to do with. Like 100 pens… or small souvenirs etc.

Boxes, the new black ;-)

Boxes, the new black 😉

But, when put in the perspective of that it’ll probably be a year until we start opening those boxes, I guess it’ll be a bit easier to choose what to actually keep and what to get rid of. It’s just a lot of logistics in getting rid of stuff too. Like finding people who want exactly those pens, or getting a friend to come and pick “their” thing up before we throw it away or give to charity.

When I googled “less things”, I found this cool project based blog, 365 less things which is written by two women who decided to declutter their homes by getting rid of one thing per day in one year’s time. Fun!

And if you’re still sceptic, see their ‘before and after’ pictures.

Ok, back to packing! No more paperwork at the moment, please 🙂

// Wivan

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