Ever changing

How can I be sitting in the sofa with no rush to the next thing in my schedule and still feel stress rising up inside just by recieving some messages on the phone? They say nothing that affects the next couple of hours, nothing that causes problems and aren’t things to take care of. It’s just some nice invitations for dinner and requests for a cup of coffee before we move to Spain in the beginning of November.

View from the sofa, fireplace and all

View from the sofa, with the fireplace and all

How come there’s stress moving around inside at the same time as the fire place heats up the room and the sun is shining outside?

Because our thoughts can drift off so quickly, leaving the body and creating stories around things in the future or the past. So my thinking in the moment creates stress at this time, wheras another time I can be busy as a bee doing a ton of things and yet feel totally calm on the inside – when my thinking is calm.

In our thoughts we can go to any place at any time

In our thoughts we can go to any place at any time

So, for a moment I let my thoughts drift off, creating stories around what those invitations mean, how we’ll be extremely busy with meeting friends and family at the same time as we need to/want to get our packing and cleaning around the house done.

That’s a story I am telling myself. There’s nothing real in it until I make it real by believing every part of it, seeing and feeling the stress and “problems” before it’s even happened.

It’s funny how much of our time we spend creating stories of what life is like and what things mean or don’t mean. We make the whole thing up as we go of what is important and what we trust as real. I know this, and yet I can feel stress in the moment sitting in the sofa. And I also know that my thinking will keep changing, from time to time. So I just accept what I think and what I feel, trusting the ever changing in and of life.

// Wivan

First video update

When we started talking about creating a blog earlier this year, we also started shooting some short videos to post on the blog later on. And it was a way for us to remember parts of the way or the process of what we’re up to. So here’s a short one from April 11th in 2014, when we had started cleaning up around the house before pictures were taken for the ad that the real estate broker made for the sale.

Let’s just say, it’s a bit messy now again!

We get all we need

There are so many people wanting to help out and do small and big things in order to make our move easier.


Mom at our place sorting out papers

Ok, we knew that the members of our family are great and that our friends are more than generous. But to really hear, see, meet with and also accept the gifts and helpful hands fills our hearts to the brim with gratitude.

The past few days Wivan’s mom has been visiting, helping out with paperwork, the garden and sharing her wisdom and knowledge in our conversations.


Anders got a count-down calendar

We also have lots of help from a brother in the US who gives plenty of advice on economics, and an accountant (dad) who listens, gives great feedback and widens our thinking in so many ways.

This is just part of it, and a way to show a small part of all the help we get.


Oh, Yes! The place is a mess!

Friends of ours keep asking if there’s anything we need, and offers a place to stay if we need it. And maybe most unvaluable are all the pep talks, high-fives and warming hugs, messages and phone calls we get.

Change is Hard. Or, is it?

Stumbled across this video with Mara Gleason when I wanted some company for a few minutes. I like to “hang out” with people who share interesting thoughts and insights. It doesn’t even have to be a face to face meeting.

A video, book, blogpost, phone call or recording can do a big difference when it comes to staying in the zone and associating with people who dare to be and do different than the Main stream world. Nothing wrong with main stream, I just like to ask myself every now and then whether I wanna be in the Main Stream or in My Stream.

Responsible, scared or cheap?


We are trying to sort out some things regarding insurances that we already have and what we need/might need when we get to Spain.

The two of us have a bunch of different insurances, spanning from the house and car to life-, income- and retirement-, and probably some extras.

Now, we’ve gotten those and pay for them but other than that we’re just not very active or interested. So now it’s a detective’s work to find out wich we’ll need, wich we won’t be able to use and what extra coverage we’ll need down in España once we get there.

It’s a jungle.

So what’s smart, what’s covering too much (=being afraid of every possible situation) and when is the time to be a little cheap and not be tricked by an insurance agent?

Those are the questions we’re pondering over today.

//Anders and Wivan