Joy and excitement

Being in transition to a new place (physically and mentally) definitely gives a lot of insights on what is joyful and exciting. We’ve been explaining to many people lately that it feels like we’re more alive than in a long time. When we’ve decided to sell our house in southern Sweden and move to a small village south of Alicante in Spain, it’s a little like going back in time, about 10-15 years.


Picture: Rolfe Bautista

Picture: Rolfe Bautista


I feel younger, more flexible mentally and adventurous. It’s fun! Sure, it’s a mental thing – I haven’t gotten 15 years younger physically, but I feel alive. So what we’re learning in this process is that “the unknown” doesn’t have to be scary or difficult, it can also be energizing and fun, givning us new things to learn and gain joy from.

So, here’s what it looks like for us right now:
* Selling our house in Sweden – still no buyer has shown up
* Buying a company in Spain – but no contract yet, and we need to get a loan
* Moving to a village in Spain, hopefully this autumn, where we don’t know exactly where we’ll be living – we have a verbal agreement with a landlord
* Owning quite a lot of furniture and things, that we haven’t sold or rented a storage for yet
* Learning Spanish, slowly but surely

It’s quite a few things that are not clear or ready yet. Still we find this situation quite comfortable and ok, it’s a matter of attitude and knowing that all our feelings come from our thoughts. Thus it’s not the outer things or situations that makes us feel safe or secure, rather it’s inside of us.





We’ve had a wish of moving abroad for quite some years now, and the way possibilites have lined up the past year is a good confirmation that we’re on the right path.

When doubt shows up every now and then,  it’s good to remember the quote from Mooji: “Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go”, thereby not believing everything that pops up as the truth.

Thanks for visiting! // Wivan

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